3D Modeling

At Hexapent, we provide complete 3D cad modeling services of mechanical components or products for all industries such as commercial product, industrial manufacturing, consumer product, medical equipment, automotive, furniture & fixtures, and etc. with using cad modeling software.

We help your 3D CAD models, 2D drawings to reach the production success. We require cad drawings/paper copies/blueprints/hand sketches/scanned copies of drawings in tiff/pdf or image format to convert them into 3D/Solid models.3D models are created for design, development, product animation and prototyping activities. If you decide to move forward with your concept, we have the capability to build rapid prototypes from your concept by creating CAD models. We acts as your Engineering Solution partner for present and future.

Our engineers are experts in creating 3D Models for Casting, Forging, Sheet Metal, Surfaces, Assembly, Weldment and Machining processes. With these 3D models, we can generate manufacturing drawings, Bill Of Materials (BOM) and perform tolerance analysis.
We understand manufacturer’s requirements and study the manufacturing and assembly feasibility to create 3D models.
Hexapents best CAD modeling practices help you gain good control for parametric editing, which in-turn can be reused for different configurations or concepts reducing your turn around time to bring products in less time with minimal cost.

Types of Mechanical 3D Modeling & CAD Drafting services we offer

At Hexapent , we are one of the most established 3d modeling companies , who cater to the requirements of all types of mechanical industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy, Railway, Semiconductor, Packaging machinery, Material Handling and Consumer Products and general engineering with the help of our efficient services.

Our Areas of expertise include:

3D Prototype Cast Models

Traditional modeling method involves a prototype casting, making us waste a lot of your time, money and manual resource. Now the advancement of technology is sure, a boon to the mechanical designing field. Exploring the state-of-the-art software tools, our practiced CAD Engineers will help to convert your mechanical concepts into best 3D models and designs so that it can be quickly sent to prototyping.

3D solid CAD Models

We create solid 3D CAD models which help an object to be presented in detail by exposing their inner structure thereby, allowing digital prototyping. This enables our clients to get an overall idea of the resulting object, i.e., its volume, weight, boundary surface, strength, etc. before the commencement of the project. Our engineers are highly trained in all leading solid modeling software packages and will work with you to generate and maintain your designs.

3D Surface Modeling

3D Surface Modeling is one of the popular techniques which involve the use of computer aided design applications indifferent architectural illustrations or designs, model presentations, 3D animation, game designs, etc. It helps users to view the solid surface object at specific angles by combining 3D surfaces and solids. If you choose to turn your concepts into a physical prototype, then we are the right company to support you.

3D Assembly Modeling

Here, our team of professional 3D designers utilizes computer-aided designs and product visualization software to combine different individual components for creating an assembly which describes the whole product. Once all the parts of the product are assembled, We follow industry best practices to ease assembly modeling for easy modification. We also perform interference check and tolerance analysis for assemblies and inform you if there is any design or part changes required.

3D Sheet Metal Modeling

With the help of 3D sheet metal modeling, we use advanced software and tools which offers high-performance to create flexible designs for the sheet metal parts such as the welded structures, mounts, bases or any other type of welded assemblies. we are highly experienced in creating 3D models of sheet metal parts with considering proper Gauge, K- factor, bend allowance, material and flat pattern length.

3D Aerodynamic Modeling

Our engineers have a profound knowledge of computer-aided designs and computational fluid dynamics to offer high-quality aerodynamic modeling services to different clients depending upon their necessities. It is one of the most important techniques used in the designing process. Though a large sum of money is involved, we offer assistance regarding analyzing, modeling, and simulating the designs for high performance and improved product life.

Creating the Bill of Materials

We acknowledge the hardship of documenting and reporting the product details. Hence, we offer our clients with a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) stating the particulars of the parts and drawing specifications involved in assembling of the final product.BOM has important role in purchasing, maintenance, operation manuals acts as a product lifecycle management tool.

3D CAD Modeling Quality Assurance:

Hexapent continuously upgrades Quality Management System with reference to latest ISO 9001:2015 and has been certified. Our QMS objective is to provide the best in Quality, Turnaround, and Pricing. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Various Mechanical 3D Product Designs we provide
  •  Assembly equipment’s
  •  Recycling Machines
  •  Factory Machinery
  •  Fabricated Metals
  •  Aeronautical parts
  •  Heavy Machinery
 Industrial Machinery
 Production equipment’s and more

Our 3D CAD Modeling Process

As each of our clients comes up with specific requirements, we provide highly tailored services to them. We focus on specific needs of our clients while developing 3D mechanical models. Our approach to 3D modeling involves the following processes.

Stage 1: Initiation of the project
Finalizing the scope of the project
Defining the output
Identifying the necessary tools

Stage 2: Design
Developing a digital mock-up
Seeking feedback from the client on the mock up
Creating the final model

Stage 3: Testing
We validate the models, testing them for the quality.

Stage 4: Delivery
You may recommend a specific format to us. We will convert it to the desired model before delivering the final 3D model.

Benefits of outsourcing 3D Modeling Services to Us.

 Improved overall prototype visualization of CAD models - Communicates concepts to varied audience
 Better depiction of engineering designs
 Experience in usage of international standards and best practices in 3D modeling services
 Enhanced product design with improved manufacturability and reliability.