Material Handling and Automation

Hexapent has established itself as a supplier of quality engineered material handling solutions. Whether your need is for a single component or a fully integrated handling system, let Lauyans & Company help you stay competitive by creating an efficient and economical solution for your material handling challenges.

Our extensive experience providing turnkey system solutions has positioned Hexapent  as a premier material handling equipment integrator.

Contact us to discuss your particular application needs. We can provide you with a concept, price quotation and a timeline schedule.

We can provide any or all of the following tasks:

 Equipment concepts – layout and cost estimates

 Design engineering

 Project Management


 Controls design and integration

 Prototype run-off

 Job site installation, wiring and integration

 System start-up and training

Conveyor System examples:

Industry - Dry Goods Distribution Center

System: Ten automated pallet receiving cells designed to expedite the truck unloading process. Each cell can automatically weigh, size and re-square incoming pallet loads before they are introduced to an Automated Storage & Retrieval System.

Industry: Automotive Manufacturing

System: Three automatic delivery transfers were designed and integrated into an existing live roll conveyor system; to allow interface with new Storage & Retrieval machines.

Industry: Chemical Processing

System: A fully automated packaging system was integrated to erect cases, place them on pallets, automatically insert liners, and deliver the empty cases to one of three auto filling positions. After filling, cases are queued for pick up by fork lifts which deliver to the warehouse.

Industry: Poultry Processing

System:A fully automated two-level system integrated in a refrigerated warehouse. The system interfaces with an Automated Storage & Retrieval System on one level; and delivers loads to ergonomic packing stations for processing and then delivery to shipping.

Custom Conveyor

Hexapent provides the design, fabrication and integration of custom conveyors and systems. With its years of experience in the integration of custom-engineered equipment, Lauyans & Company can provide you with a solution to fit your most demanding application.

If the process requires moving heavy, hazardous or unique-sized loads, we can design equipment to reduce operator fatigue; helping to reduce workers compensation costs while providing increased efficiency.

We have successfully integrated our equipment into environments with extremely high or low temperatures, automated production processes, and automation requiring precise positioning for robotic unitizing. We have placed literally hundreds of custom applied solutions for interfacing with Automated Storage and Retrieval cranes.

Custom Conveyor

Chain Driven Live Roller

Wherever heavy or bulky loads are conveyed in the form of pallets, drums, boxes, bins, bales, etc., Chain Driven Live Roller conveyor should be considered. This conveyor works in a broad range of temperatures. It is effective in clean as well as in heavily contaminated environments.

Chain Conveyor

Unit loads that are large, small, heavy or light can be ideally transported by Drag Chain, or simply, Chain Conveyor. Flexibility makes this type of conveyor a natural consideration for many types of difficult unit loads.

Heavy-Duty Conveyor

Situations that require moving very heavy loads, operations with demanding conditions and unusual load sizes are typically out of the reach of catalog conveyor. Special situations and demands require the experience, the engineering ability and the manufacturing capability to handle materials that are beyond the capacity of off-the-shelf conveyors

High Temperature Conveyor

Conveyor that works reliably in foundries, autoclave operations and ovens with temperatures up to 20000F is not just about reliable material handling. It’s also about maintenance, longevity, and protecting personnel from extreme conditions.

Low Temperature Conveyor

Handling product in temperatures as low as -250F requires equipment that operates reliably in that environment. Conveyor, turn tables and transfer cars for low temperature applications involving freezers, blast coolers and other sub-zero environments must be designed and manufactured with low temperature conditions in mind.

Belt Conveyor

Some items, such as cases and boxes, can best be transported on belt conveyors. Belt conveyors are also economical where higher conveying speeds or changes in elevation are necessary. With a few details from you, Lauyans & Company can determine if this is the best possible means for conveying your products.

Gravity Roll Conveyor

In some situations with certain products, “simple” and “economical” can be the best choice. This is where Gravity Roll Conveyor might fit the need. Lauyans can study your conveying needs and make a recommendation for the simplest and most economical way to handle your material handling needs.

Overhead Conveyor

Often material handling situations require an economical solution that can free up floor space, provide for in-process storage, take away trash or bring empty boxes to pickers. Overhead conveyor can be an ideal solution in these cases.

Conveyor Accessories

Hexapent has many years of experience in providing medium to heavy duty devices designed to supplement our quality conveyor equipment. Devices to stop, weigh, transfer, meter or square unit loads that we are conveying.


Conveyor stops designed to stop or reroute your conveying equipment’s path and are used to improve usability and customize your conveying setup.

Conveyor stops are mounted into conveyors to stop product flow.These stops can be used in heavy duty applications such as unit load handling as well as lighter duty applications for boxes or totes. Typical uses for conveyor stops are positioning of product, singulating boxes, and keeping product from running off the end of a conveyor.

Types of Conveyor Stops:

Pivoting Blade Stops

Pivoting blade stops have the ability to raise above the conveyor surface to stop product, but then pivot downward below the conveyor surface when not in use. Pivoting blade stops can also be used for cases and cartons. They typically are used in heavy duty pallet handling due to their rugged design.

Linear Blade Stops

Linear blade stops are popular in case handling and medium duty applications. They offer a compact, simple design that allows for a variety of solutions.

Roller Brakes

Roller brakes are used to stop roller conveyor from underneath the roller. This allows for a low profile design that does not require having to be in front of the leading edge of the product. This is ideal when product is back to back in a slug.

Rocker Stops

Rocker stops allow for a single product to be released from an accumulated train, typically on a gravity roller conveyor. These units are typically used in pallet handling applications where several containers or pallets are lined on a conveyor.


Both fixed and adjustable conveyor guards are available in a number of angles and channels to meet your needs.


Pushers are used in applications requiring a package to be transferred perpendicular to conveyor flow. Various designs exist to serve a wide range of applications. Pushers can be mounted on the top, side, or bottom of conveyor frames depending on the application. Rapid cycle rates can also be obtained with pushers as well.

Types of pushers

Side-Mounted Pusher

A side-mounted pusher is a medium duty pusher designed to mount to a conveyor side frame. The pusher face, which contacts the product, is mounted to a guided cylinder.

Overhead Pusher

An overhead pusher is a heavy duty pusher designed to mount over the top of conveyor and typically utilizes a carriage system with cam rollers to handle side loading.

Under-Mounted Pusher

An under-mounted pusher is designed to mount underneath a conveyor and operate between roller centers. It is often used to pull products across a conveyor.

Pusher Applications

Pushers are used to divert products perpendicular to the flow of the conveyor 

Pushers can be used to either push or pull product on or off conveyor

Conveyor Crossover Ladders

Conveyor crossover ladders vary in style from a small spanning double sided ladder to larger platform styles with ladders attached. Both are designed to meet all safety requirements.

Conveyor Crossover Applications

Large conveyor systems – used to gain access to areas that are surrounded by conveyors and other equipment

Conveyor Crossover Benefits

 Heavy duty design provides years of trouble free service.

 Ability to gain access over conveyor system without using a gate.

Conveyor Crossover Specifications

 Utilizes heavy duty welded structural steel frame

 7 gauge diamond floor plate 

 Hand rail tube surrounding platforms and steps

 Safety chains where applicable

 Many options available including tool holders, extra slide out platforms, anti-fatigue matting surface, etc.

Transfer Devices

If your system layout requires the lifting, lowering, turning or any other repositioning of the product being conveyed, Hexapent can provide the equipment needed to do so in an efficient and economical fashion.

We have designed Turntables and Transfer Cars to handle a wide variety of pallets and containers. Our gantry-style Pick-and-Place Transfers are used in the steel manufacturing and steel fabricating industries; as well as being used to collect and dispense pallets in automated warehouse conditions.

Over the years we have developed many custom Transfer Devices to solve unique application challenges. Devices such as Lift and Carry Transfer Shuttle Cars, Mole Transfer Cars, Pallet Jack interface stations, Gantry Transfers and many others too numerous to list here. Contact us with your handling challenges, and let us show you our applications expertise.

Pick and Place Transfer Systems

Gantry style pick-and-place transfers are generally designed with a pair of overhead runway rails that support a powered trolley. The powered trolley can be provided with a pick up (or grab) head that will attach automatically to the load being transferred. After picking the load, the head can raise vertically to allow the horizontal transfer of the load.

When the horizontal destination is reached, the pick head will automatically lower; so that the load can be safely deposited. Please see our video of the product in action.

These transfers are often used to collect and dispense slave boards in an automated warehouse. Hexapent gantry-style Pick-and-Place Transfers are also used in the steel manufacturing and steel fabricating industries. Applications that require transferring, collecting and dispensing steel sheets may be suited for vacuum attachment as well as magnetic pick up. Aluminum, composites and plastics are also handled by our equipment with vacuum attachment, mechanical grippers, forks or clamps, as the specific part and process dictate

Pallet Transfer Cars

Hexapent has provided powered Pallet Transfer Cars to suit numerous unit load applications. Our medium and heavy duty designs provide a reliable and economical means of transferring loads in areas where a fixed-path conveyor may not be possible or practical.

Standard Features:

 Pallet transfer vehicles may be simple, hand-pushed design; as well as motor driven for automatic dispatch.

 Bed sections can be powered to suit the load being transferred.

 Frames are constructed from heavy gage formed and welded steel.

 Track and guide rails are designed to suit the application.

 Gear motor drives are supplied to suit the conveying speed desired.

 Drives are inverter duty as a standard.


 Air dry enamel finish; with customers’ choice of color.

 High Speed Pallet Transfer System – for more details please see our case study.

 Controls to automate the car travel.

 Power conductors and safety bumpers can be provided.


The term “Turntable” can be applied to a wide variety of designs. In general, it is used to describe a device that will re-orient the product that is being conveyed for ergonomic positioning; or simply to provide a change in direction of a conveyor path.

Hexapent has designed and fabricated many turntables throughout the years. We have provided manually operated designs, as well as powered (automatic) styles. Many options are available for the type of bed section to be supplied on top of the turntable.

The term “Turntable” can be applied to a wide variety of designs. In general, it is used to describe a device that will re-orient the product that is being conveyed for ergonomic positioning; or simply to provide a change in direction of a conveyor path.

Pallet Conveyor

Struggling to find the right supplier for your pallet conveyor system? With a thirty year track record Hexapent has the ability to pull from Standard, Semi-Standard and Custom Designed Pallet Handling Equipment to provide solutions for our customers. Lauyans has provided many systems that have greatly improved functionality and profitability in a wide range of operations. Whether your process requires transporting or accumulating empty pallets, or pallet loads up to 20,000 pounds, we are equipped to meet your pallet handling needs.

Our complete offering of pallet conveyor options serves the requirements of transportation and accumulation operations within the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution industries. Our versatile pallet handling product line offers you the advantages of:

 Increased productivity

 Flexibility of equipment layouts

 Safe handling of products

 Operator safety

 Heavy duty capability

 Lower total cost of ownership

When you work with Hexapent, you can be assured that your system will be designed to suit your needs. Hexapent has developed a multitude of pallet handling conveyors and related equipment for use in a wide variety of industries. From individual pieces of equipment to turnkey systems, including controls and installation, we can provide what you need. Our pallet handling conveyors have increased efficiency in processes such as:

 Warehouse systems

 Pallet dispensing

 Pallet inspection & repair

 Load transfer

 Load accumulation

 Bulk goods receiving

Whether your particular pallet is wood, plastic or steel, and whatever your pallet handling requirements are, we have a solution. Give us your pallet or unit load details, along with an idea of what needs to be accomplished on your facilities’ floor, and we can help you determine the most cost efficient pallet conveyor solution for you.

Products/Devices Typically Used in Pallet Conveyor Systems

 Chain Driven

 Live Roller

 Transfer Cars


 Pallet Dispensers & Pallet Collectors

 Chain Transfers

 Roller Transfers

 Chain Conveyor

 Positioning Stops

 Escapement Stops

 Pallet Pushers

 Accumulation Conveyor (Index or Zero Pressure)


Some material handling systems require automatic dumping of the containers being conveyed. This can be done automatically by capturing the containers and tipping or inverting them to cause transfer of the product into a secondary vessel.


Many processes require that vertical transfers be employed to transfer product to multiple levels, or to present the product being conveyed at the most convenient position for the operators’ access.

We have designed many styles of lifts (continuous, reciprocating) with many modes of power (air, hydraulic, electric). Some examples of our past designs are shown in the photos below.

Over/Under Conveyor.

Hexapent Over/Under Conveyor solution provides properly stored and staged returnable pallets and containers, which assure the timely delivery of ergonomically-positioned parts to your line-side operators.

Over/Under Conveyors are typically used to reduce space for the loading and unloading of pallets and containers utilizing a self-contained pallet-handling over/under loop. Over/under solution automatic provide FIFO stock rotation.

Pallet Dispenser & Collector Reduce Labor Risks

Pallets provide an effective material handling solution for use in the movement and storage of goods. Though full pallets can be lifted and moved safely and efficiently with the aid of a lift truck or conveyor system, the manual handling of empty pallets can mean increased labor costs and greater risk of workplace injuries. Hexapents pallet dispenser and pallet collector can help manage these risks.

Labor hours required for employees to handle pallets add up, and represents time that could be allocated to more productive tasks. Additionally, the manual handling of pallets is risk prone work. According to OSHA Material Handling Guidelines, among the main risk factors associated with material handling injuries are:

 Repetitive motion

 Static postures

 Forceful exertion

 Awkward bending and twisting

 When pallets must be manually stacked and dispensed, employees will be at risk for injury.

 Automated Pallet Dispensers & Collectors Provide the Solution

Hexapents automated pallet dispensers and collectors replace manual handling of pallets in automated material handling systems. The pallet collectors do the work of stacking pallets for reuse or transport, and the pallet dispensers ensure that a clear pallet is always available for an automated system to place products.

Benefits of pallet dispensers and collectors include:

 More productive use of labor

 Reduction of manual labor risks

 Improved pallet flow and handling efficiency

 Safer work environment

 Improved pallet inventory control.

Tote Collectors & Dispensers

Hexapent’s Tote Collectors and Dispensers are simple in design and high in reliability. Tote machines are designed to handle a single-sized tote within the machines magazine. Totes with, or without, attached lids can be processed in our standard machine design.

Tote Collectors can receive a single tote from the material handling system and automatically create a stack of totes. This can help to store a large quantity of totes in a compact footprint inside your plant or shipping container.

Tote Dispenser will automatically separate one tote from a stack of totes inside the machines storage magazine. A stack of totes is loaded into the magazine with an inline conveyor. Single totes are discharged with a powered conveyor installed inside the dispenser.

Hexapents offers a complete line of Tote Collectors and Tote Dispensers to meet your production needs; with many features and options to meet your specific requirements.