Electrical Engineering

Hexapent’s PCB layout services and PCB design services are provided by our team of highly skilled and experienced designers, and also have experience with various PCB CAD systems.

  • We provide ideal solutions for both simple and complex interconnect designs, keeping in sight our customer’s goals for quality, performance, cost, and schedule. During the development of your product, our PCB designers will work closely with the electrical engineers and mechanical engineers to ensure that the placement of parts meets both circuit and mechanical architecture and testing needs. Our designers have experience in PCB layouts of high density, high-speed circuits where signal integrity and electrical performance are critical. We also work closely with manufacturers so that we can provide a printed circuit board design that supports efficient assembly and testing with the highest yields during production.

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of technologies including high-speed designs, RF, power supplies, digital and analog, DDR2 and DDR3 memory, as well as EMI and thermal analysis design practices.

We also offer high-level schematic capture and PCB library set up and management.

Multiple iterations are both costly and time-consuming. By designing a board to our strict quality standards, we can reduce or eliminate the need for a second iteration, reducing your overall project time and cost

Our PCB layout and PCB design services and capabilities include

      • Double-sided, and multi-layer boards
      • Rigid and flexible circuits
      • Surface mount, through-hole, mixed technology
      • Interconnect Flow Planning
      • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
      • Design for testability (DFT)
      • Design for EMC
      • Database Translations

Specific PCB Layout tasks include

 High Density Boards

 Creation of new footprints

 EMI Protection

 High-speed Signal Design


 Component Placement

 Rules Driven Designs (Constraint Manager, Constraint Editor)

 Trace length matching

 Height restrictions

 DFM clearances

 PCB Routing

 Full Documentation Package Creation

 Valor Design Validation

 Design for Manufacturability

Our PCB layout team can support a complete layout project from start to finish or help with smaller portions such as placement, routing, generating proper manufacturing files, library management, and more. We are happy to make small changes or complete large complex designs.

We understand that our customers often need a PCB design completed quickly. We support our customers by providing expedited PCB layout services at no additional hourly cost.

Electrical Engineering Services

How much power do you need for your space? Hexapent prepares electrical designs including lighting, receptacles, mechanical power, electrical riser diagrams, panel board schedules, specifications, and construction details. We provide a wide range of integrated electrical engineering services across multiple industries such as transportation, aerospace, heavy engineering, energy and natural resources, consumer and medical, utilities etc.

Hexapent as a specialists engineers accompanies with more than one million hours in electrical designing and bolster the improvement of exhaustive frameworks that are good with low-, medium-, and high-voltage applications.The wideness of our electrical engineering services consist of electrical system engineering, power generation, transmission, and distribution for power plants; and instrumentation, automation and controls, reliability, and value engineering for utilities. It also includes aero and transportation electrical systems, harness design, application engineering, prototype building, testing, and validations support.

Hexapent electrical systems accommodate to global standards such as ANSI, UL, cUL, NEMA, NEC, BS, ISO, AS/NZ, DIN, EN, JEM, GOST, MIL, GB ,IEC, IEEE, From reducing costs to optimizing designs, our electrical engineering services have been instrumental in delivering high-caliber business outcomes for several global organizations, Our solutions optimize and integrate all the components of a power system, and make sure that your products are aligned to your business goals. Designs are reviewed, signed, and sealed by a licensed professional electrical design engineer.

Our Engineering Services Inculde :





Hexapent is an established Electrical Contractor that has the capability to provide an experienced, multi-skilled team for your project.

We offers a wide range of specialised electrical instrumentation services within the energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors. These services include all facets of construction, testing and commissioning, project management and maintenance services. We provide these services as an integrated solution, allowing complex construction, commissioning, maintenance or repair projects to be managed and completed by one service provider, allowing the simplest solution for the end customer, or plant owner.

Our Electrical & Instrumentation engineering services include:

 Design, construction and testing of electrical switchboards, marshalling cabinets, control cabinets and industrial process automation systems;

  •  On-site construction of electrical and instrumentation facilities;
  1.  End-to-end testing, calibration and adjustment, and commissioning;
 Technical assistance to operation and maintenance staff.

Our Electrical Instrumentation Design Services include Designing and Preparing Layouts for Complex Onshore and Offshore Electrical and Instrumentation Systems with the help of latest 2D and 3D modeling software. Our electrical and instrumentation services include, but are not limited to activities like

Our construction capabilities include:

 Cabling installation and termination 

 L.V. & M.V. switchgear & distribution 

 Lighting & emergency lighting systems 

 Lightning protection  Earthing systems & grids 


 UPS systems 

 MV/HV underground cable installation and termination

 Protection and control panel manufacture

 Structural steel

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance plays a key role throughout the life cycle of a project. Our quality assurance team will ensure that controls are in place to deliver to the specifications and standards required with zero non-conformances. Hexapent is ready to assist with any Quality Assurance requirements from project inception through commissioning and operations.

The scope of services we provide are as follows:

 Quality management plan development and implementation
 Test procedure development
 Procedure and strategy development
 Auditing and audit scheduling
 Inspection and test plan development, review and implementation.
 Inspection and check sheet development and review.
 Test pack development
 Non-conformance identification and corrective action implementation.
 Quality alerts - communicating potential quality issues to key personnel to minimise nonconformance’s.
 Assessing vendor delivered equipment and documentation.
 Managing HA and HV audit requirements.
 Administration of QA documentation
 NATA certified test equipment


 Complete life-cycle services: design, execution, service & maintenance, calibration and validation.
 Engineering and quality accreditations
 We cover the complete instrument and control technical spectrum: the total loop from PLC/SCADA up to and including the field components.
 Cost-saving building-related systems for industrial and utility construction.
 Customized maintenance and inspection solutions to meet your specific needs
 Innovative special access solutions including rope access and netting to provide cost effective inspection/installation methods.

Outsource your electric instrumentation requirements to Heaxapent and get a one-stop-solution including Analytics, Design, Engineering, Execution, Maintenance, Support, Validation, and Calibration. Feel free to contact us for any instrumentation or electrical engineering related queries, we will be glad to assist you.