Building Information Modeling is a powerful digital tool offering end to end solutions in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection systems engineering, design and construction.

Our BIM teams create a virtual design model of the building facilities along with architectural, structural and MEPF disciplines with Revit, and enhance the project outcomes in terms of time and costs.

We are set up to be a hands-on resource to owners, developers, architects and contractors providing services in MEP Coordination, Engineering Design and Drafting, Laser Scanning and Point Cloud Modeling and Facilities Data Management. With more than a decade of industry experience and expertise in the AEC industry with government and institutional work, our key players understand the demand of the construction industry and its challenges. With a highly-skilled resource team, we assure a high value of quality, reliability, transparency, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness in our project delivery

Our BIM modeling experts specialized in:

 CAD Drawings to BIM Conversion
 BIM Coordination with Architectural, Structural & MEP Engineers
 Constructability Review during Preconstruction Stage
 Revit Clash Detection Services & Mitigation

 Fabrication & Shop Drawings, As-Built Drawings
 3D Coordinated BIM Model in Revit
 MEP BIM Services
 LOD 300, LOD 400, LOD 500 Modeling

 4D – Construction Scheduling & Simulation
 5D – Cost Estimating & Quantity Takeoffs
 Point Cloud to BIM & Scan to CAD Conversion
 Revit Family Creation for Product Manufacturers

 3D Visualization
 Sustainable Building Design
 Integrated Project Delivery Model

Our Expertise in BIM Consulting Services:

 As a reliable BIM partner for your construction firm, we provide guidance for strategic construction and BIM execution plans, help you follow BIM protocols and aid in settling BIM implementation across building design and construction projects.
 We help construction firms to transform their projects to BIM environment and empower site managers for risk mitigation and cost reduction for entire construction project life-cycle.
 Our BIM managers collaborate with your design teams for BIM consulting and BIM implementation services for hands-on mega construction assignments to understand and analyze the requirements closely for quality outputs.

Benefits of our BIM services:

     Comprehensive designing in a CDE
     COBie and IFC standards for data exchange
     Easy communication with building product manufacturers
     Offshore/Onshore dedicated resources for overall BIM solutions
     Scalable technology infrastructure with licenses of all leading software
     Cost effective solutions for every building construction project
     Early clash detection and resolution
     Actual as-built conditions
     Sequential construction timeline
     Better cost estimates and material needs
     Onsite progress and material tracking
     Enabled offsite construction

Our BIM capabilities across various building types:

     Commercial/Retail building
     Skyscrapers/High Rise buildings
     Healthcare buildings
     Residential building
     Recreational parks
     Condo hotels
     Industrial complex
     Educational buildings.
     Our BIM specialists with extensive problem-solving skills and hands-on experience deliver value-added BIM solutions for diversified building construction projects.

We provide 3D MEP modeling services to all major engineering domains to meet the demands of effective MEP system design, installation and equipment selection for construction projects across oil and gas, healthcare, recreation retail, education and real estate industry. Our team serves as an extension to the in-house team of our customers and supports them in the virtual construction models.

We deliver furniture design support requirement in accordance with MEP layout for framing and installation of components across the facilities. Apart from that we also deliver MEP design support for HVAC ducts and other HVAC components to facilitate HVAC contractors in associating with MEP requirements.

Our distinctive offshore model with operations from India facilitates us in meeting the technological, infrastructural and manpower requirements of the industry while adhering to client’s requirements.

BIM Coordination Services

The most remarkable benefit of utilizing Building Information Modeling is that all parties involved in the project during its different stages can collaborate and coordinate seamlessly with each other. All errors and omissions that get typically overlooked in conventional standalone 2D drawings can be easily detected and resolved during reviews. As the building is virtually constructed in 3D, the special conflicts between architectural, structural and MEP elements will be visible automatically. Clash reports of interferences can be generated and can be subsequently resolved with informed decisions.

Implementation of spatial BIM coordination process performs clash detection and avoidance establishing a clash-free BIM information flow between all the disciplines

Implementation of spatial BIM coordination process performs clash detection and avoidance establishing a clash-free BIM information flow between all the disciplines

Different stages included in BIM coordination services

 Data collection: All the required data including specification and inputs are collected from the clients.

 Idea development: Different innovative ideas about how to begin the project in a user-friendly manner is developed by thoroughly analyzing the data provided by the clients.

 Management: The team of long experienced professional engineers is formed to work on the project.

 BIM Models Creation: BIM models are created within Revit for all the different disciplines.

 Constructability Analysis: After creation of the BIM Models an analysis is conduct to check constructability capabilities of the model.

 Clash Detection & Resolution: After successful analysis of the model, a clash report gets generated and is further circulated to the respective stakeholder for resolution.

 Coordinate BIM Model: Thereafter, a fully coordinated BIM model gets generated for visualization, drawings and BOQ’s.

 Data presentation: Finally the high-quality Model is delivered to the clients

Why you should select Hexapent India for BIM coordination service

 You can communicate BIM coordination requirements to us clearly.

 We outline a Revit coordination schedule based on the complexity of the project.

 Improve building construction efficiencies

 Provide streamlined workflow for meeting world-class quality consistently

 We create a level of detail plan

 Superior technology and continuously innovate methods to maximize value to clients

 Our proven best practices manage on-going coordination efficiently

 We accurately measure issues and progress

 Our quality and timely delivery BIM coordination services are cost-effective

 We possess highly skilled, properly trained and well experienced BIM coordinators.

Consider our BIM coordination services to be incorporated in the construction process of your next commercial facility project.

BIM Clash Detection and Resolution Services

Clash identification using BIM coordination is one of our core services – we have a highly experienced and qualified team of engineers to help our clients identify interferences in design and eliminate human errors completely.

Clash detection and resolution are, in fact, one of the most important advantages of BIM coordination services. It facilitates the effective identification, inspection, and reporting of interference clash in a typical 3D project model, at the document stage instead of on-site, during construction. This helps reduce design errors and inefficiencies that may cause delays and budget issues. Minimizing the risk of human error during an inspection of models ensures sustainable design, efficient construction planning, and fabrication.

Our Clash detection service experience spans over a wide range of projects including bridges and infrastructures, commercial facilities, industrial units, residential, retail and institutional buildings, hospitals, airports, schools and universities etc.