3D Floor Plan Modeling.

Designers, as well as manufacturers of furniture, can now leverage the potential of 3D technology to make their prototypes appear more realistic. This assures more accuracy, reduced iterations, lesser production cost and ultimately more productivity.

We design 3D furniture models that offer detailed insights into how your furniture looks like, making sure that the design, texture, color, and the subtle contours of the furniture are appropriately replicated. Our 3D furniture models help in designing modern furniture designs for all our customers ranging from furnishing designers to global furniture manufacturers. Our experts can convert even the most complex of furniture concepts into flawless high and low poly 3D versions. You just have to provide us a 2D image or even a sketch or rough scribble. We will take care of the rest. We can transform any concept into perfect 3D models by integrating functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

We Provide 3D Furniture Modeling Services:

 3D Home Furniture Modeling

 3D Modular Kitchen Furniture Modeling

 3D Office Furniture Modeling

 3D Single Modular Furniture Models

  Accurate drafting with perfect floor measurements

  Tables, Couch and Bed Models

  3D Coffered Module Ceiling Models

  3D Furniture Assemblies Models

  3D Garden Furniture Models.

Why hire Hexapent’s 3D floor plan services?

 Our interactive 3D floor plans enable you to showcase the property to your clients easily and effectively.

 They are easier to understand, than trying to decipher a blueprint

 Our 3D floor plans, give the end user a visual clarity of the proportions and how the property looks

 Transformation of best and creative designs into practically designed furniture that was difficult to achieve so far can be easily completed by using our 3D Furniture Modeling Company.

  Replace traditional and expensive methods and allow for more flexible design customization options for fits your business

  Innovative, unique, fresh and concept-based 3D furniture model designs within a budget that fits your business goals.

  We offer affordable 3D floor plan services and are committed to timely delivery

The 11 Step 3D Furniture Design Methodology we follow

 We define the work scope and ensure complete availability of details.

 Our team communicates time of completion and costs that would be incurred.

  Project manager gets engaged and frames the best team encompassing ideal resources.

 Drawings are received from the client and the concept is comprehended.

  Furniture is designed and the model is pre-visualized based on the requirements of the client.

  Followed by this, 2D drawing is transformed into 3D models with the help of our professional art team.

  Outputs are shared with the client and feedback regarding the design is gathered.

  Changes are made as per the feedback and furniture model is cleaned up.

  Multiple phases of thorough quality checks and assurance processes are carried out.

  We execute our 3D rendering process and the final model is generated.