CAD Migration

CAD Migration Service is a process of Converting legacy data, blueprints and images to parametric digital models (3D) and drawings (2D), to aid the Re-Engineering of the parts to the Client’s current requirements.By converting paper or blue prints to CAD can help your organization maintain drawings in digital formats. CAD migration can also help your organization to digitize your drawings into the latest CAD systems and CAD model format migration across different CAD platforms.

Transformation of Modern CAD tools in the recent years and their productivity & efficiency have greatly helped recent product development process by integrating all phases of the product development including CAE, CFD and CAM. It helps an organization keep its vendors and dealers updated with the latest design improvisations. And as for the internal teams working on a given project, CAD migration is certainly the most efficient way to keep them updated with seamless flow of technical information and resources.The total product development life cycle has been drastically cut down from 6 years to 12 months in industries.

The new system is different from that in which the models were created. The CAD data migration is necessary to make technical information flow uninterrupted and seamlessly both within and outside the organization.The effective use of these tools and techniques in industry especially by OEM's made it necessary for product development companies to keep updating and upgrading their legacy data in to modern tools.

Apart from that, most of the times you are forced to retain expensive pieces of hardware and/or software, which are no longer backed by their vendors, just to access your old data, which is by no means a cost-effective business strategy. Therefore, embracing an automated and tailored legacy CAD migration strategy is always a win-win situation for our both business, products and also to company pocket.

Hexapent has very strong team to support the development using these tools skills in the following areas,Our CAD conversion and migration services apply to thе following areas:

  Paper designs to 2D or 3D
 3D to 2D conversion
 PDF to DWG conversion
 DWG to DGN conversion - enables you to access and edit DWG files in the DGN format
 Raster to vector conversion
 Migration to latest CAD systems
 Migration from one CAD platform to another CAD platform
 2D drafting of mechanical parts and assemblies from preliminary design data
 Image or vector data projection into desired co-ordinate system
 Conversion of topological data to CAD object data
 BOM (Bill of Material)
 Legacy CAD data conversion
 Legacy CAD data migration
 Drawing standard conversion (E.g. ANSI to DIN)
 2D drawings from conceptual sketches and images