Finite Element Analysis (FEA )

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to understand and predict product behavior and is extremely valuable for today's demanding products. Hexapent’s talented engineers model your product using Simulation software’s from your CAD files. We collaborate with design engineers for analyzing the product behavior, predict failures and creep, and optimize the product design accordingly. Our team of FEA specialist engineers helps your design engineers take design decisions early and expedite product development stage.

We provide design optimization and analysis services for mechanical equipment used in various plants such as industrial plants, sheet metal product manufacturers, automotive OEM and ancillaries and pressure vessel manufacturers

Our team of FEA specialist engineers helps your design engineers take design decisions early and expedite product development stage and avoid last minute hassles. . To ensure accuracy in results, we also perform validity checks such as convergence analysis, boundary conditions review and hand calculations, allowing manufacturers to validate their designs faster.

Virtual simulation during a Product Design phase helps to -

What Hexapent’s Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services and Consulting can offer you:

 Improve your existing designs by weight/material reduction through design optimization techniques, thus minimizing costs with our Finite Element Analysis Services.

Analysis for designers or manufacturers looking for a basic component stress analysis by our experienced CAE engineers.

 Help you design better products with optimization, trade-off and sensitivity studies.

 Conduct engineering failure analysis and root cause analyses using FEA, CFD and testing.

 Product Recall, Expert Witness, Litigation, and Patent Infringement engineering support work

Hexapent’s Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Capability:

AEG provides a full range of engineering simulation services in the form of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to drive your product designs from concept to product. AEG has over a decade of finite element analysis experience and can solve your most difficult engineering analysis problems. We have extensive experience in many areas of engineering and analysis, including:

Linear and non-linear static:

Response of structure to critical loads and modeling of contact (allowing analysis of assemblies), non-linear material behavior and large deformations


Critical compression static load or combination of loads that results in instability

Normal modes, frequency response and response spectrum:

Response to vibrations and frequency driven excitations.

Random response:

Response of structure to excitations defined with probabilistic magnitude (spectral density function)

Transient, dynamic, vibration and seismic response:

Response of structure through time with variations of boundary condition

Impact (implicit and explicit solvers):

Response of structure following collision (crash tests and drop tests)

Steady state and transient heat transfer:

Temperature distribution within a solid body 

Thermal stress:

· Stress induced by temperature distribution

Fatigue (multi axial and vibration fatigue analysis):

· Predict the life of a structure subjected to cyclic loading or vibrations

Optimization :

· Parametric and Topological

Forensic engineering :

failure analysis and root cause diagnostic, reconstruction of impact and accident using simulation, biomechanical engineering.

Crash and Safety

Area of expertise available at Smart Enovations is listed below,

 Full Vehicle Modeling and Assembly

 Linear / Non-Linear Analysis, Boundary & Contact Static Analysis

 Full vehicle crash analysis (FMVSS/CMVSS/IIHS/EURO-NCAP/J-NCAP)

 Body/Chassis and suspension durability and fatigue life predictions

 Design Optimization

 NVH – Trim body and full vehicle

 Coupled Thermal and Structural Analysis

 Vehicle dynamics and kinematics

 Combined experimental and analysis correlation

 Pendulum impact simulation with different barrier positions/angles

 Fuel rail crash and safety simulation

 Head impact and HIC criteria simulation

Seats, Seat belts, Seat belt anchorages, etc., are safety critical items for the passenger in case of sudden acceleration/deceleration and accidents. Seat components, Head restraints, Seat assembly, Seat belt anchorage, Crashworthiness evaluation takes the lead to assess the safety and riding comfort of the vehicle users. Validating the design by virtual simulation for applicable safety regulations of different countries like, FMVSS, CMVSS, ESA etc, are mandatory.

Areas of expertise where Hexapent has the expertise is listed below,

 Quasi-static analysis FMVSS 207/210/202/202A

 Static Anchorage strength test (FMVSS 207/210)

 Simulation for Forward and Rearward Load

 Head Restraints (FMVSS 202/202A)

 Cushion frame transverse loading

 Forward and Rearward crash simulation

 Modal sensitivity and Frequency optimization

 Mass Optimization

 Test and Analysis Correlation