We develop data-rich 3D MEP Building Information Modeling (BIM) models and 2D drafts to empower general contractors, consultants, HVAC contractors and construction companies, during design coordination.

We place ourselves before the AEC industry as a conversant workforce of MEP/HVAC engineers with a combined experience of over 30 years and ample experience in providing MEP BIM services to various sectors which include educational institutions, healthcare, plants, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Driven by the extensive experience gained from our association with HVAC/ MEP consultants, contractors, fabricators and manufacturers around the globe for the past decade, we provide MEP/HVAC BIM services of impeccable quality while strictly adhering to the international industrial standards set by ASHRAE, SMACNA, NFPA and IEEE.

Our capabilities as an MEP BIM service provider

Over the past decade, we have showcased our capability to provide MEP /HVAC BIM modeling and drafting services of the highest standards by working on a plethora of MEP/HVAC projects spread across the globe. Our team of professional MEP modelers can develop intelligent BIM models with a focus on facilitating.





Our MEP BIM modeling and drafting services

 Sanitary Fixture Revit Models

 Mechanical Duct and Duct Fittings Modeling

 Walk-Through of MEP / BIM Models

 Rendered views of Mechanical BIM Models

 Parametric modeling

 Mechanical Equipment Modeling

 Diffusers and Grills Modeling

 3D modeling and rendering for MEP layout

 Electrical Lighting Fixtures

 Layout Modeling

 Plumbing Layout modeling

Our Mechanical drafting / CAD modeling services

 Shop/ Fabrication drawings

 Reverse Engineering

 Shop/ Fabrication drawings

  CAD conversion

 Duct layout drawings

 2D drafting and detailing of Mechanical components

 Mechanical Equipment Detailing (sections and isometric)

Our Electrical drafting / CAD modeling services

 Electrical site plans

 Electrical one line diagrams (Riser diagrams)

 Electrical schematics Solar panel detailing

 Electrical, power and lighting plans

Our Plumbing drafting / CAD modeling services

 Shop drawings, As-builts, specifications and coordination

 Plumbing and drainage drafting services

 Locate and coordinate pipe sleeve requirements

 Isometrics, Riser diagrams, details, schematics and schedules

 Sleeve / Penetration Drawings · Equipment schedule

 Natural and LP gas piping drafting services

 Compressed air and medical gas system plan drawings

 Demolition and existing plan drawings

 Drafting services for domestic water plumbing

Our HVAC modeling/ drafting services

 Details, schematics, schedules, legends and control diagrams

 As-built drawings, equipment specifications, coordination drawings, shop drawings and addendums

 Equipment piping sizing and design layout plan drawings

 Drafting services for HVAC system construction plan drawings

 Mechanical equipment layouts, submittals and elevation drawings

Our quality assurance

 With a highly motivated and quality oriented workforce, Advenser is known among the AEC industry as an avowed destination for accurate MEP BIM modeling/drafting. We have a dedicated team of 13 quality analysts spearheaded by project managers with 7+ years of industrial experience. The team is responsible for carrying out the quality analysis based on

 Adherence to the internationally accepted industrial standards and building codes

 The accuracy of the model/drawing

 Whether the client requirements are met or not

Top reasons to hire hexapent

  10+ years of experience in Building Information Modeling

 Impeccable quality of deliverables

 Competitive prices

 Quick turnaround time· Save cost by speeding up the construction process

  Workforce of MEP/HVAC engineers with 8+ years of experience

 Highly conversant with the modern software packages and drafting/modeling practices.

MEP Clash Detection Services

 Our MEP clash detection solutions assist you in identifying, evaluating and mitigating building element interference and stay profitable right from the design phase,Services for Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Contractors/ Engineers.

 Our extensive experience of working with multiple CAD and BIM platforms empowers us to deliver a clash-free MEP model for your building design.

 We empower MEP contractors and consultants in carrying out efficient installation of MEP systems by avoiding any reworks and materials wastage.

 We provide state-of-the-art coordinated functional shop drawings and coordination services which are realistic and are ready to be installed. Every step is taken by our team to ensure the drawings we provide are professional, detailed, accurate and of the highest adherence to client standards. The offshore CAD team at Advenser lends complete support to your engineering team during the submittal, review, coordination, and post-construction processes


 Detection and reporting of hard and soft clashes within the mechanical electrical and plumbing systems.

 Identified clashes can be listed for action and support MEP engineers to optimize designs for a clash free and streamlined installation.

 Our experts create detailed reports of all the clashes within and amongst the architectural, structural and MEP disciplines.

 We assist you to optimize building designs, by providing model comparison from different sources, constructability reports, and organized reporting of issues with snapshots of 3D visualizations.

 We have the expertise to modify 3D models to comply with final conflict free designs, thus delivering clash free BIM models.

The following are the benefits of using our coordination services:

Avoidance of spatial issues between various MEP components

Saves time and result in a quicker turnaround time for the project

Extraction of detailed sectional views from coordination & BIM models

Better information to the erection crew

Avoidance & detection of clash using clash detection software

Reduction of the total project cost.

Our quality assurance:

Every drawing we deliver is put through a set of rigorous quality inspection to ensure that strict adherence to industry standards has been met in the deliverables along with appropriate format and layouts as needed by the client. The team of MEP engineers at Hexapent is skilled, experienced and equipped with the state of the art software packages such as Autodesk Revit MEP, AutoCAD MEP, and Navisworks. This highly motivated team is capable of delivering innovative and highly professional drafting services to all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential industries. Customer satisfaction being given utmost importance, our team of MEP engineers can work as an extension of our clients’ team to ensure that even the minute requirements of the clients are met.


A spool is an assembly of pipe and associated components that can be pre-fabricated in the workshop for future installation and then shipped to site for assembling. A pipe spool drawing acts as a guide to plumbers to understand what they are encountering. A pipe is split into different sections, called spools. These spools connect at various junctions throughout any given structure. A pipe spool drawing is optimized to provide all the information needed by the fabricator to accurately manufacture or assemble the spool. Spool drawing furnishes the complete information of all parts welded together in the shop on a single drawing.

Our MEP services include 3D modeling, Shop and fabrication drawings, patent drawings, Isometric drawings, as-built drawings, mark-up detailing, parametric drawing, assembly drawings, mechanical shop drawing, mechanical cad conversion services, fabrication drawing, technical drawing etc. We ensure that the drawings are delivered as per the industry standards and appropriate formats & layouts as required by the client. We have a skilled and specialized mechanical drafting team headed by a senior project manager and experienced draftsmen to provide innovative and highly professional drafting services to all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential industries. We work in close contact with the client’s engineering team to ensure the client receives professional drawings with 100% accuracy.

Plumbing Design & Drafting Services

Hexapent as an Design Services provider and has great expertise in executing complete end to end construction projects. Apart from serving our clients in field of Architecture Design and construction consultancy, we have gained strong foot hold in providing MEP Design and MEP CAD Drafting Services. We offer Construction Companies, Contractors and Engineering Consultants high quality MEP Services for major building project. One of major phases within MEP Design Services is plumbing, piping and fire protection services. Outsourcing Plumbing Design Services to Hexapent puts you way above other competitive companies and construction groups. We have excellent MEP Design Engineers specialized in Plumbing Design and Drafting services, Piping Drafting Services and F-Pro Services.

We take responsibility of working on your project by eliminating your overhead employee cost, project management cost and maximize your profits. You can outsource your MEP Plumbing Drafting Services without worrying about your fixed cost. Instead focus on your core competencies.

We follow construction plumbing standardslike International plumbing codes, North American Plumbing codes, etc. while working on plumbing design and drafting services.

Our plumbing design and drafting services include:

 Plumbing/ Piping Design Drafting Services 

 Plumbing System Designs 

 Residential & Commercial Plumbing Design and Drafting Services 

 Plumbing Drain Design Services

Hexapent offers plumbing design and drafting services to every client with distinctive approaches and serves each project requirements with innovative ideas and solutions.

The sectors in which we have an expertise include:

 Convention Centers 



 Industrial Sheds 

 Residential Townships 

 Super Market and Shopping Malls

We have expert plumbing drafters and detailers who have years of experience of working on several assignments showing their amazing skills and knowledge in all respective project assignments.

HVAC Drafting Services – HVAC CAD Outsourcing Services

 Hexapent offers high precision, detailed and cost effective HVAC CAD Drafting Services to our clients across Globe. Our ability to work on high end detailed HVAC CAD Services has made us the most sought after service provider for HVAC CAD Outsourcing Services. We provide extensive HVAC CAD Services support to construction companies, fabricators, Engineering consultants, manufacturers etc. Tesla-JBH specializes in developing HVAC-MEP CAD Drawings for entire project. Most of the times project heads or clients want detailed HVAC shop drawings before installations. Core advantage of outsourcing HVAC Drafting services to us is availing HVAC Shop Drawings right in the first go.

 Hexapent's HVAC CAD Outsourcing Services division strives to provide indisputable HVAC Services using required standards, codes and display’s its skills invariably. We have a team of HVAC Engineers, HVAC Drafters and Detailers who not only have drafting abilities but also have ability to validate HVAC Designs.

 Hexapent offers custom built HVAC Design and Drafting Services assists our clients meet their infrastructure requirements in a cost effective manner. We work on client specifications diligently by following CAD Standards documents as specified by the clients, general standards applicable across different locations in the United States.

Our HVAC duct design and drafting services include the following:

 Addendums, coordinating drawings, specifications and shop drawings 

 HVAC duct, design and draft engineering solutions 

 Design and development of construction plan drawings 

  Draft and design services for HVAC system construction plan drawings 

 Design layout plan drawings and duct sizing 

 Detail and control diagrams, schedules, schematics and legends 

 Duct design and heat load calculations 

 Equipment piping and sizing · Piping layout 

 Submittals, mechanical equipment layouts and elevation drawings

Our team has an expertise in meeting the HVAC requirements of any kind of industry, be it commercial, mining, institutional, IT, residential, medical, retail or industrial.

Simply inform us of your exact specifications and requirements of your assignment and our team of engineers will offer you a customized HVAC duct design and drafting layout.