MEP Design and Drafting Services

MEP (M&E) drafting encompasses CAD drawings for MEP design and MEP coordination workflows and covers all areas of the building where MEP services exist, including risers, plant rooms and floor layouts for underfloor, mid-level and within the ceiling void. Effective and accurate drawings are used for design progression, MEP installation purposes and also for building record and maintenance purposes.

Our teams of engineers deliver high-end MEP 2D drafting that includes shop & fabrication drawings as well as installation drawing instruction for MEPF needs in commercial, residential, and healthcare construction companies, airports, shopping malls, high-rise towers, and public facilities. We collaborate with MEP consultants and HVAC contractors and help them set up layout with 3D MEP modeling, clash detection and resolution using various BIM platforms.

What We Provide

Hexapent has almost 20 years’ experience of providing professional MEP (M&E) CAD drafting services and MEP (M&E) CAD detailing services to consultants and contractors in the building services sector, i.e. mechanical, electrical, public health, fire and hydraulic/drainage/plumbing building services etc.

The electronic CAD drawings we deliver conform to the appropriate corporate style and standards required for each customer and region in which we operate. Our team of draftsmen and coordinators are experienced building services coordinators and therefore understand the requirements and constraints of building services and how they are affected by structural and architectural elements.

The range of MEP drafting and drawings we offer include:

 MEP shop drawings and 2D fabrication drawings

 MEP coordination drawings for with piping layouts

 HVAC installation and component diagrams

 Electrical Drawings

 Fire and Sprinkler Drawings

 Public Health/Hydraulic Design Drawings

 Mechanical Pipework Drawings

 Mechanical Schematic Drawings

 Electrical Schematic Drawings

 Tender/Bid MEP Drawings

 Contract MEP Drawings

 Construction MEP Drawings

 Installation Drawings

 Penetration/Builderswork MEP Drawings

 Manufacturing MEP Drawings

 Turbine, compressor, pumps etc. layout & connection details

 MEP BIM modeling with clash free properties

 MEP Shop Drawings

 Prefabrication MEP Drawings

 Module MEP Drawings

 As-fitted Drawings/As-installed MEP Drawings

Due to our unique operational model, we provide our drafting services at a competitive cost while still providing local support and local expertise in all of our core markets, including the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Design Stages We Cover

We provide drawings for all stages of the MEP design process, including:





 As-fitted (record or as built) stages.

We also provide MEP drafting services for MEP CAD conversion where MEP drawings may not exist in digital format.

The international standards we are proficient on:

Over the past decade, we have been catering to the MEP and HVAC drafting needs of clients across the globe irrespective of the clients’ country. The international standards we follow include

 · IECC – International Energy Conservation Code

 · ASHRAE standards – The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standards

 · NFPA codes – National Fire Protection Association codes

 · AEDG – Advanced Energy Design Guide

 · AS 1668.2 – Australian Standards for The use of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning in buildings

  .AS1851-2005 – Australian Standards for Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment

 · AS/NZS 3666 – Joint Australian New Zealand Standard

 · NBN standards – S21-200, S21-201, S21-202, S21-203, N S21-207

Why Choose us ?

 Timely project delivery with international and regional standards

 Long standing experience and excellent problem solving skills project delivery with international and regional standards

 Global presence including US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

 Experts dedicated to each mechanical, electrical and plumbing disciplines