Hexapent has a wide ranging and extensive experience in design and manufacture of Dies and Molds for various sectors including Automobile, Furniture, and Electrical Appliances.

Only a limited number of dedicated and reliable platforms are available in the market for the development of complex, high-quality, precision moulds.

Mold development is initiated on a 3D CAD input and the Base development is undertaken as per DME, HASCO, LKM or any other such standards. Design of Core and Cavity inserts, Moving Cores, Slides and other Components are based on Automatic Parting Line Development. Runners, Gates and Waterlines are positioned as per the material flow analysis.

Ejector system is planned based on the component requirement and incorporated after interference check. Cavity side check for Hot Runner Systems and Hydraulic Systems is also carried out.

Functional validation is carried out by animation of the assembly. Design of the mould is fully integrated with the manufacturing environment.

Plastic Injection & Blow Molding Services by Hexapent

Flat world’s plastic injection and blow molding services cover three main areas:

1. Plastic Production

Our knowledge and experience in plastic processing helps us manufacture intricate plastic parts at the lowest cost with tight tolerances and specifications using both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials.

With expertise in all areas of an injection molding process, we can work with you to produce high quality molded parts. We also take into account complications such as warpage of parts, surface imperfections, burned parts, or incomplete filling due to a slow injection stroke.

We work with a wide array of plastic materials such as polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene, poly carbonate, ABC, PVC, etc.

2. Mold Design

We follow mold design guidelines to maintain a uniform least wall thickness throughout the part, thereby reducing defects and cycle times with minimal shot weight. This is to facilitate an easy withdrawal of parts from molds without compromising on part stiffness in bending by using ribs and gussets.

Working with CAD/CAM software ,you can make use of our mold prototyping and reverse engineering capabilities for regeneration and modifications of the existing molds utilizing:

3D Laser Scanner for Geometric inspection

Rapidform XOV for manipulation of Point Cloud data

Rapidform XOR for building up of Geometry.

3. Mold Flow Analysis

Mold flow analysis is carried out to achieve:

 Optimization of material usage

 Optimization of process parameters

 Optimization of cycle time

 Optimization of gate location, feed system and cooling circuitry

 Prediction of defects and suggestions to overcome / avoid the same

 Warpage prediction and suggestions for minimizing warpage

Mold flow predicts accurately the behavior of plastic materials under different processing conditions and design parameters. We have the full suite of Moldflow software modules to perform a variety of analysis procedures which enables our customers to save on materials, process time, processing costs and to optimize design.

We have carried out analysis for:

 Fill Analysis

 Flow Analysis

 Cool Analysis

 Warp Analysis

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Design for Safety & Environmental compliance

Key to achieving the shortest product development time or time to market (TTM) is to ensure that the design is right prior to the undertaking of regulatory testing. This avoids expensive and time-consuming spins through the development process and could be the difference between achieving a competitive advantage or missing a market opportunity entirely.

Design Compliance Engineering

Design Compliance Engineering is the term we give to ensuring that the design will meet the stated customer and regulatory requirements before testing. This is done through establishing from the outset a firm understanding of customer requirements, the intended geographic markets and the requirements of all relevant regulatory bodies.

Hexapent Adds Value To Your Company

Check your designs and add value across all departments in the organization



 Marketing and sales

 After market and service

Design Documentation Compliance

 Compliance of design documentation according to your engineering principles.

 Ensures that all appropriate engineering work required to move forward to subsequent activities meet the specific quality expectations.

 Design compliance is based on a predetermined criteria that results in a pass/fail decision for moving forward in the manufacturing process.

 We will correct or complete any portion of your design that failed during the design checking phase and ensure all documentation needed is complete and meet quality specifications

 Optimize the product design and manufacturing processes.

 Set in place a quality gate to move to the next phases in the manufacturing process

Design Documentation Compliance

Hexapent Understand what information needs to be gathered and what needs to be considered during the development of the product

Hexapent will ensure the quality of your designs by checking your drawings for clear, correct and complete information.

We will ensure that all necessary dimensions, tolerance stack up, materials of construction, hardness specs, drawing clarity, surface finishes, weights, center of gravity..etc… are in the drawings.

Review of detail design: mechanical details, GD&T is properly applied and layout prior to release for manufacture .

We will check for manufacturability of parts.

We will ensure all assemblies are complete with all details showing with all balloon numbers matching BOM, special notes, hardware specified, interference and fit check…etc.

We classify all components in the machine as machine part, weldment part, sheet metal part, casting part, purchased part, assembly, electrical panel layout or electrical cabinet.

Creating test plans and management of prototype confidence testing for climatic, mechanical & electromagnetic etc. environments, We create a check list with all the inspection points for each part according to its classification.

We will attach a check list with issues to each component or assembly with a fail grade.

We will attach a quality compliance note to each part or assembly drawing with a passing grade.

We will attach a report with all the design and documentation issues found with our recommendation to solve them.

Managing the relationship with notified bodies and ensure that Regulatory testing is conducted in accordance with their requirements, With your approval we will correct and complete the design documentation.