CProduct development starts at the idea generation stage. But every idea doesn’t get transformed into a successful product. Product designing and development not only requires specialized skills but also an investment of time and money. Efforts taken in product development cannot be measured only in monetary terms. A product gets its value only when the customer understands the criticality of its design and functionality.

Hexapent helps you validate your concept and convert it into real products. Our core focus on designing includes aesthetics as well as the functionality of the product. We make sure that your product looks great and is functionally superior to other competitors in the market.

Our expertise in product designing and development enables us to provide rich and delightful experience in your product development journey. Our product development team has developed world-class products for our customers that involve rigorous research, design study, detail engineering, prototyping, and testing.

Hexapent’s Advantage

Using the latest CFD software, Creaform excels at all types of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations—no matter how complex or critical your project is:

 We help implement advanced technologies and design innovative products.

We reduce the cycle time and increase the scope as well as the functionality of usage of your products.

 We remove inefficiencies and duplication in the process while managing the regulatory compliance.

 We strive to improve the product quality while reducing the manufacturing cost across complete lifecycle of the product.

 We tailor the products for emerging markets, improve packaging, simplify processes and strengthen value chain.

Our Product Design and Development Services

Concept Phase/Product/Market Research, Competitive products’ Benchmarking

We offer Product or market research services to provide insights into various attributes of the products such as material properties, performance data, probable manufacturing cost, feature study, etc. The benchmarking provides pertinent product changes or recommendations to gain competitive advantage.

Discovery Phase/Product Styling, Ergonomics, Aesthetics

This is an added phase in our process where a customer shares their idea with us so we can bid on it. It's common practice to sign a non-disclosure agreement up front with the customer to keep what is discussed confidential (keeping a customer's information confidential is something we do even without the agreement in place, unless agreed to by the customer). At Hexapent, we believe that style and aesthetics of a product are as important as its functionality. Our mechanical engineers focus on high-quality product designs while reducing the manufacturing cost.

Preliminary Design Phase

In this phase, we create a preliminary design based on the specifications agreed upon in the discovery phase. We create an engineering model and do any other engineering and design that is necessary to flush out the product so that there is a high level of confidence that the design will work before proceeding to detailing the parts and creating engineering drawings and documents.

This phase is really where the bulk of the product design & development is done. At the end of this phase the work is summarized and delivered to the customer at a Preliminary Design Review (PDR).

Critical Design Phase

Most of this phase is for detailing the design and creating engineering drawings and documents of the design presented at the Preliminary Design Review. Any changes or modifications to the design requested by the customer at the Preliminary Design Review are also incorporated before drawings are made. Once drawings and necessary documents are completed, these are sent out to manufacting houses for quote so that the customer will have a detailed price for the building of the product.

Testing Phase/ Value Engineering, Detail Engineering, CAD/CAE/FEA analysis

Hexapent provides CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and non-CAE analysis for our clients. Our highly skilled engineers possess deep domain knowledge and work on a range of engineering analyses to arrive at accurate results. The various services we offer are value engineering, FEA (Finite element analysis), CFD, and Thermal analysis.

Design for Assembly (DFA) Services, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Services

At Hexapent, we offer end to end DFM and DFA services to our clients for both new as well as existing product designs. We design the products to perform specific functions keeping the manufacturing cost in mind and make sure the products stay competitive in the marketplace. In Design for assembly, we review the current design with an eye for elements and features of the design which can be improved in order to eliminate or minimize the touch labor. DFA is also essential to minimize the costs of a production assembly.

Reverse Engineering and Prototype building

It is hard to assess various parts of any equipment using traditional techniques of geometric measurement. Hexapent offers it’s advanced reverse engineering services to help you get detailed 3D models from physical components of any equipment or product. These models can be used to improvise the design while keeping development process and manufacturability in mind.

Material Selection, Product Costing

Success of any product depends on the type of material used in its manufacturing. Material selection is reliant on the attributes planned for the product as per the consumer’s preference and cost of Manufacturing. We help our client in material selection to make their manufacturing process simpler and cost-effective.

Engineering Change Management.

Owing to regular changes in the product requirements, complex supply chains, and shorter lead times the ability to execute ECO (engineering change orders) has become critical in the product development process. The engineers at Hexapent have an in-depth understanding of ECR/ECO/ECN processes and can manage engineering change efficiently and effectively throughout the product development cycle. We help simplify the entire engineering change management process, thus reducing cycle time and faster execution of ECR’s (engineering change request).

Why partner with Hexapent:

Experienced staff. Hexapent’s CFD consulting and FEA simulation team has many years of experience partnering with clients in many different industries.

Collaborative consulting approach. There’s no black box – Hexapent works as an extension of your team. We bring fresh ideas to the table and customers are encouraged to bring their expertise.

Fixed fee. Hexapent understands design and cost constraints, and engagements are structured based on a fixed fee basis, which ensures that client success is achieved.

CFD projects completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.-You work directly with our CFD consulting engineers throughout the entire life of your project. Learn more about how our CFD consultants approach CFD analysis.

Longstanding client relationships with large and small companies-For over 2 decades, our CFD services have been chosen again and again by industry-leading clients. Our scalable solutions allow us to also provide smaller companies with all the competitive benefits of CFD analysis.

Keeping in mind the precise demands of clients, we offer a wide range of Design SPM Special Purpose Machine Design Service. This service is extensively demanded by clients owing to its robust design, dimensional accuracy.


What is the best design? How safe or reliable is it? How well does the model predict reality? How much confidence do I have in my answer? These are the questions we help answer.

The transformation from idea to profitable end product can be filled with a host of difficulties—from mere annoyances to debilitating pitfalls. At Converge, decades of product development experience has taught us how to assess the entire development process in order to boost success. Sure our engineers are rooted in the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, but beyond that we understand how to deliver profitable solutions by combining cutting-edge technology with insight only experience can provide. The proof lies in the successful products we have created in industries such as medical device, industrial machinery,consumer products and more. From original concepts to reverse engineering, we develop strong relationships with our clients to firmly identify and meet the goals of your product design and development project.

Computational methods developed in structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, electrodynamics and many other fields of engineering can be an enormous aid to understanding the complex physical systems they simulate. Often, it is desired to use these simulations as virtual prototypes to obtain an acceptable or optimized design for a particular system. Recent advances in artificial intelligence and numerical algorithms now allow for not only single-point predictions, but also for automated determination of system performance improvements throughout the product life cycle.

System performance objectives can be formulated to:

  minimize weight, cost, or defects;

  limit a critical temperature, stress, or vibration response

  maximize performance, reliability, throughput, reconfigurability, agility, or design robustness

The figure below conceptualizes our optimization process which, as all of our work, is performed in close consultation with our clients in order to understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), design constraints and trade-offs.