Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process to recreate an already manufactured product for various Purpose. These Purpose vary, as there are number of reasons to understand the product, either to make the product robust or to know its weakness and exploit it. Reverse engineering is majorly done in software and machines.

Hexapent will generate the design from any existing physical part/assembly/sub-system. . Hexapent’s advanced reverse engineering services help you get detailed 3D models from physical parts of any product or equipment, so that you can utilize them to improvise design while keeping manufacturability and the development process in mind.We will come up with the original design and complete 3D model and a production drawing for the manufacturing of a component in shop.

At Hexapent, we carry out reverse engineering of various systems and sub systems on different CAD software's as per customer requirement. Extensive exposure to most complex geometry give us an edge over others. Our team also has good re design capabilities, which gives the proposed design the best possible functional value along with good value for money and generate good production drawings with GD&T

 Retrieve all dimensions of the product Onsite/Offsite
 Optical measurement ( Points)
 Contact probe measurement (points/curves )
 Laser Scanning ( Cloud of curves)
 White light scanning (cloud of points)
 Surface Generation
 Part Standardization
 Process Standardization
 Create Bill Of Materials(BOM)
 Purchase Bill of Materials
 Manufacturing Bill of Materials
 Create all necessary drawings required for manufacturing
 Single point of contact till project completion.

Electro – Mechanical Product Design / Mechanical Systems Design

Our engineers work together to create products that live and breathe. Well, not literally, but when sophisticated mechanisms combine with motors and control systems, it sure seems like they do. Our designs are further informed by embedded systems development experience and can be tailored to meet both cost, and performance targets. From automated fluid dispensers to self-adjusting fitness equipment, if you want your product to move, we can make it come alive.

 Study of Problem Statement at problem domain
 Suggest appropriate solution to the problem
 Develop modular PoC for solution approval
 Develop Phase 1 proto for field testing
 Control system design and specification for motor, pumps, solenoids, and other actuators.
 Solenoid, motor and actuator drive systems
 Rapid prototyping, invention, and proof of concept services
 Dynamic modeling and simulation of multiphysics systems
 Design optimization to meet necessary compliance
 Develop Phase 2,3 proto if necessary
 Fabricate final proto with all corrections after inputs from problem domain
 Release the product for manufacturing.

Advantages You Get From Us

 Perfect 2D and 3D designs and drafts
 Adherence to Deadlines and work completion before time
 Value for Money
 Latest technologies are used
 Highly skilled and experienced professionals

Our designers and drafters, who have vast experience in this field have proficiency in all types of design solutions in mechanical drafting and design. We have highly educated and highly skilled team of professionals. They are passionate about their work and this can be seen through their perfect and accurate designs.

We believe in giving best quality work and keeping our clients very happy. So, if you want to outsource the design work for your mechanical or any similar industry, contact us today.