Sheet metal design services

Hexapent offers professional sheet metal design services at competitive rates. The company has immense experience in the field of sheet metal design, besides having comprehensive knowledge about the components of aesthetics and functional design.We provide sheet metal design services to fabricators, contractors and engineering design firms to reduce material scrap, shorten the product development schedules and deliver quality products. It has been providing services such as sheet metal designing, sheet metal product design, sheet metal part design and sheet metal engineering services to companies across the globe. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

Hexapent has always delivered high-quality robust designs that are compliant to international standards. The company has provided services to companies in industries such as automobiles, aerospace, electronics, power, transport and telecom. Successfully bringing down lead times with reduced scrap and material costs are some of the valuable benefits that Hexapent offers to its customers. The team Pristine Solutions makes use of CAD and CAE tools along with a systematic approach, to design great sheet metal parts. This is how the company meets its customers' requirements on time and within their specified budget.

Our sheet metal design capabilities include:

At Hexapent , we specialize in providing end-to-end services for sheet metal design - product design, development, and optimization. Our team of sheet metal experts uses state-of-art CAD tools, CAE tools and a systematic approach to design sheet metal parts. This enables us to provide effective services that meet customer requirements on time and within the budget.

Our sheet metal design experts are certified engineers with numerous accreditations under their belts, allowing us to deliver high-quality services to metal fabricators and manufacturers globally. Following are some of the structural metal product design services we offer

 Identifying crucial design parameters and specifications

 Designing 2D and 3D solid sheet metal components followed by assembly-drafting & modeling using software such as DriveWorks

 Importing and converting 3D CAD models into cad software sheet metal models while keeping in mind the exact K-factor, thickness, and bend radius

 Generating base, miter, bends, sketched bends, edges, swept flanges, lofted bends, etc.

 Developing accurate fabrication drawings, 3D sheet metal models, manufacturing drawings, 2D flat drawings, assembly drawings according to manual blueprints, etc.

 Creating precise sheet metal forming designs which maintain the exact form height to thickness ratio, specified critical dimensions, bend radius, bend relief, embosses and offsets for easier manufacturing processes

 Development of weld details to sheet metal parts on models or drawings

 Cost estimation based on material and number of operations.

 Efficient metal furniture products design and sheet metal part design for equipment with acute bends

 Sheet metal stamping design for shearing, cutting or stamping dies & tools and sheet metal enclosure

 Fabricated metal & alloy product design

Hexapent’s Systematic Sheet Metal Design Approach

 Identify significant design parameters and specifications

 Develop various design solutions.

 Evaluate design solutions based on customers' needs.

 Design for Manufacturability (DFM).

 Optimize the product design and manufacturing processes.

 Prepare cost estimates based on material, number of operations, etc.

 Calculate the adequate size of corner reliefs, bend angles and radii.

 Create 3D sheet metal model and complete 2D flat drawings.

Choose Hexapent for Professional Sheet Metal Design Services

We deliver PMI annotated drawings with comprehensive 3D CAD models designed with DFM strategy to ensure minimum failure risks. Our additional expertise in design automation using DriveWorks further provides manufacturers the opportunity to reduce the engineering time and develop custom sheet metal products faster.

By outsourcing sheet metal design services to us, you can be assured of reliable and affordable design and drafting services that help you through your projects. We offer a gamut of mechanical engineering services, which include casting design and manufacturing, mechanical CAD drafting, product design and development, etc.

With sheet metal occupying a major position in multiple industries our CAD drafters make use of parametric CAD platforms to make a flexible and fabrication-friendly workflow.

Discuss your sheet metal design requirements to gain maximum project efficiency with accuracy.