Steel Detailing Services

We deliver high quality structural steel detailing services to structural engineer, steel erectors, and fabricators for reliable construction of buildings, bridges and other structures.

We design 3D furniture models that offer detailed insights into how your furniture looks like, making sure that the design, texture, color, and the subtle contours of the furniture are appropriately replicated. Our 3D furniture models help in designing modern furniture designs for all our customers ranging from furnishing designers to global furniture manufacturers. Our experts can convert even the most complex of furniture concepts into flawless high and low poly 3D versions. You just have to provide us a 2D image or even a sketch or rough scribble. We will take care of the rest. We can transform any concept into perfect 3D models by integrating functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Our Tekla detailing teams partner with general contractors, structural design firms and steel fabricators to develop comprehensive structural steel detailing solutions for high-rise buildings, processing plants (Oil & Gas), industrial steel structures and steel frame construction. We deliver steel and rebar detailing drawings along with shop drawings and erection drawings to develop a communication link between structural engineer, architects, steel fabricators and other project stakeholders. We have in-house teams of Tekla X-Steel detailing experts specializing in creating steel reinforcement details of onshore and offshore oil rigs.

International Standards we follow:

We preserve the tailored construction standards that are followed by the client within the scope keeping up the rules set by standards with advanced designing, detailing and construction.

 NISD – National Institute of Steel Detailing

 AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction

 ANSI – American National Standards Institute

 OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

 RSIO – Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada

  AS – Australian Standards

 BS – British Standards

  NZS – New Zealand Standards

  SABS – South African Detailing Standards

  SDI – Steel Deck Institute

  DIN – German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung)

Specialization in Steel Detailing Services includes:

 Precast and Prefabrication.

 Structural steel detailing.

 Shop/fabrication drawings (column, beam, brace, stair, handrail, ladders, etc).

 Anchor setting plans.

 Structural 3D modeling.

 Pipe and tray support.

 General arrangement/ Erection drawings for connections.

 Single part/ fittings drawings.

 Advanced Bill of Materials (ABM).

 Steel Joist & Deck Detailing.

 Miscellaneous metal detailing.

 Tekla steel detailing.

 2D drafting and 3D modeling.

 IGES files for CNC needs.

 Steel frame sections.

 Rebar footing details.

 Steel component diagrams.

 Metal and steel stair/staircases.

 Guardrails/handrails detailing.

Service Capabilities Includes

 Commercial buildings

 Institutional buildings

 Chemical plants

 Residential buildings


 Foundation structures·

 Changes are made as per the feedback and furniture model is cleaned up.

 Parking garages·

 Changes are made as per the feedback and furniture model is cleaned up Bridges.


 Modular structures.